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As one of the UK’s fastest-growing independent Executive Search firms, Parkinson Lee is the team of choice to help companies based in Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, and the East Midlands find and appoint outstanding Business Leaders, Board Directors, and Senior Executives.

Right from the get-go we presented Lee with a set of challenges: how do we refresh the board of a 102-year-old well-loved company with great people who would respect our existing culture and legacy while adding value to our future plans and enhancing our diversity and inclusion desires? These challenges meant that Lee had to dig deeper to find suitable candidates. The outcome was brilliant and Lee maintained the momentum throughout and delivered an outstanding service.

Steve Purdham 

Chief Executive Officers & Managing Directors

Chief Financial Officers & Financial Directors

Engineering & Manufacturing Directors

Human Resources & People Leadership

Procurement & Supply Chain Leadership

Private Equity & Venture Capital

Sales & Commercial Leadership

Marketing & Digital Leadership

Operational Leadership

Non-Executive Directors

I was delighted with the calibre of candidates put forward by Lee, and the regular updates and communication we had throughout the search. Lee and the team fully understood our exact requirements and were able to match high quality candidates to these. Throughout the interview process, Lee kept in regular contact, and we were able to make an appointment which we are delighted with.

Andrew Byrne, 
Managing Director, 
DFDS Seaways PLC

Lee and his team took the time to get to know the Gist business and our culture which has reaped dividends in the context of two successful C-suite appointments and numerous others. Infinitely flexible and resourceful, Parkinson Lee bring not just depth of knowledge and market insight but high integrity and trust to their client relationships.

Michael Chambers, 
Chief Executive,

Find and attract exceptional talent with Yorkshire’s leading Executive Search experts

Find the right people, the first time and appoint outstanding Business Leaders, Board Directors, and Senior Executives with Parkinson Lee.

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Our dedication to the region allows us to offer our clients a distinct advantage: a deep understanding of the local landscape and market networks. This enables us to deliver exceptional results for any company looking to recruit outstanding business leaders.

However, we also recognise that talent knows no boundaries. When the need arises, we are fully capable of representing our clients across the UK.

Parkinson Lee is committed to providing exceptional Executive Search services to our clients in Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, and the East Midlands.

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Our Rigorous Process 

Experience the power of our structured Executive Search methodology. Find and attract exceptional talent with confidence.


Briefing & Specification 

We gain a deep understanding of your business, your specific role, and the ideal candidate profile that aligns with your organisational goals. 

This is formally documented in our Specification of Requirements – a precisely crafted document that serves as the authoritative reference throughout the entire process. 


Identification & Approach

Our meticulous approach ensures a strong framework and strategic plan. Together, we will determine the most effective search strategy to pinpoint key sectors, companies, and individual prospects to target.


Candidate Shortlisting

We handpick candidates who possess the perfect blend of skills and cultural alignment. This thorough process encompasses in-depth competency-based interviews, comprehensive assessments, and the utilisation of cutting-edge psychometric evaluations, where required.


Your Interviews

Our exclusive shortlisted candidates undergo extensive profiling, including a detailed CV and written assessment.

Noteworthy points of interest are presented to you for discussion in a high-level, in-person meeting. We will subsequently coordinate and arrange interviews on your behalf, with the option for our experienced team to attend.


Offer Management

As the crucial mediator between you and your potential candidates, our expertise lies in facilitating remuneration discussions, managing expectations, and ultimately achieving a favourable outcome during negotiations.



As part of our comprehensive approach, we bookend the process with structured review meetings with each client and new employee. Our purpose is to thoroughly assess and confirm the effectiveness of our services, ensuring a smooth and successful experience.

Greg Parkinson
Chief Executive

Greg, a seasoned executive search expert, boasts an exceptional record of success. His formidable vision, unwavering integrity, and motivational approach have positioned him as one of Yorkshire's most exceptional entrepreneurs.

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Lee Bhandal
Managing Partner

When it comes to Executive Search, Lee stands as an unrivalled authority with his experience and extensive network. As the driving force behind Parkinson Lee, Lee takes charge of appointing CEOs, Business Leaders, CFOs and Finance Directors.

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Lee Bhandal
Managing Partner

Lee stands as an unrivalled Executive Search authority with his experience and extensive network. The driving force behind Parkinson Lee, Lee takes charge of appointing CEOs, Business Leaders, CFOs and Finance Directors.

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Sarah-Lee Neesam
Partner & Board Director

With over 11 years’ experience, dedicated to Senior Appointments across the Yorkshire and surrounding regions, Sarah-Lee is arguably one of the most knowledgeable, insightful, results based search experts in the North.

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Adam Dickson
Associate Partner

Adam has over 20 years’ experience in recruiting executive & board level appointments across the UK (Yorkshire, East Midlands, London, Thames Valley), and internationally across Australia, New Zealand, Asia Pacific and the UAE.

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John Bohan

John has over 13 years' executive search experience recruiting within the engineering and manufacturing sector, specialising in Executive and Senior Management level appointments for SME to Blue Chip businesses.

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Emma Noble

Emma specialises in Senior Management and Executive level appointments that cover HR Director’s, Operational HR, Learning & Development, Organisational Change, Reward and Resourcing assignments.

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Welcome to our comprehensive guide for C-suite leaders navigating the transformative landscape of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the workplace. As technology evolves at an unprecedented pace, understanding the implications of AI has become imperative for business leaders. This guide delves into the intricacies of AI’s impact on the workplace, offering invaluable insights for executives aiming to successfully lead their organisations through this critical shift.

Free eBook: AI in the Boardroom

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About Parkinson Lee

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not merely a buzzword but a transformative force reshaping the way we live and work. At its core, AI refers to the field of computer systems designed to perform tasks that traditionally demanded human intelligence. This innovative technology enables us to automate mundane tasks, predict future outcomes, and even create artwork.

Automative AI = replacing manual tasks with AI-driven systems, streamlining operations, reducing errors, and boosting efficiency.

Augmentative AI = working in tandem with human capabilities, enhancing decision-making, creativity, and problem-solving.

Generative AI = a subshot of Augmentative AI, creating written and visual content based on human prompts.  

What is AI?

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AI in Business Today

An AI-Enhanced Boardroom

The Rise of the CAIO

Technical Questions for the Board

Creating an Implementation Strategy

84% of UK businesses are using AI in some capacity. Read the eBook to discover more about:

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